Meet Catalin Marinescu M.D. F.A.C.O.G.

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Board Certifications:
Diplomate of American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology
General Surgery Specialist of European Union Diplomate of Romanian Surgeons Society

Medical knowledge, skills and experience:
Gynecology: Dr. Catalin Marinescu specializes in pelvic surgery with emphasis on minimally invasive resective (e.g. hysterectomy), reconstructive (e.g. prolapse or other pelvic floor defects) and anti-urinary incontinence procedures. As a distinctive capability, his results are outstanding in difficult operations, regarding either the nature of surgery dictated by a customized approach to the respective dysfunction, or the patient history of obesity or multiple prior interventions. The rate of minimally invasive complex procedures (hysterectomy and pelvic reconstructions) exceeds 95% for this provider. In parallel he executes state-of-the-art cosmetic gynecology.

Obstetrics: Dr. Catalin Marinescu offers complete and modern care, following the most effective guidelines and technologies, with advanced prenatal diagnosis and management solutions. Distinctively he is highly trained and experienced in emergent operative deliveries, as a personal guarantee for both the mother’s and the baby’s intrapartum safety in any given circumstance. Postpartum, the circumcision of the newborn boy may be provided upon parents’ request.

Infertility: Dr. Catalin Marinescu provides a comprehensive and systematic approach to couples with infertility in order to individually match a specific issue with the appropriate measure. In parallel he maintains tight collaborative relationships with the most reputable specialists in the country to maximize the outcome success in extraordinary and rare conditions.

Office: Dr. Catalin Marinescu is a dedicated woman’s health professional with medical and communication skills educated on both sides of the Atlantic, which makes him unique in understanding the impact of different cultures on human personality. Beside the effectiveness of the encounter focused on the reason for your visit in respect for your time, he emphasizes his interaction with his patients on care and compassion.

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Training and affiliations history:
Dr. Catalin Marinescu has hospital affiliations with Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach and Irvine. He launched his individual practice after a notorious activity as minimally invasive gynecologic surgeon in staff at reputable healthcare organizations throughout Southern California, including other hospitals (Cedars-Sinai of Los Angeles, Olympia Medical Center of Beverly Hills, Tri-City Anaheim Medical Center) and ambulatory surgery centers.

Dr. Catalin Marinescu was previously trained in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the prestigious Mount Sinai Hospital Medical Center of Chicago affiliated with Rush University, where he achieved unanimous appreciation among patients and peers. He priorly completed another General Surgery program in affiliation with the most famous and awarded Romanian University – Carol Davila. As an obvious advantage, the 10 years of post-graduate residency education served as a unique resource for his presently broader interdisciplinary approach, unparalleled by other professionals from either specialty on either European or American continent.

Professional Memberships:
The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
The American Association of Gynecologists Laparoscopists
The American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine
The American Medical Association
The Romanian Physicians’ College
The Romanian Surgeons Society

About himself:
“I live my life on my own coordinates, where time is measured in the frequency of major achievements, I always pick the fruits of my work as I move on towards a new goal. One may say I succeeded in my own country once I became Board Certified General Surgeon of European Union. It hasn’t proved to be enough once the guilt of self-sufficiency flooded my conscience, so here I am today in United States of America Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist. I live for challenges but alive I am only through my patients, whose lives I’ve changed or saved.”
-Catalin Marinescu-

From his mentors:
“Catalin is one very responsible and cooperative individual, organized, sincere and reliable. He proves a self-adjusting philosophy related to patient care and a lot of enthusiasm in self-education but probably the most important aspect of his career is an outstanding surgical potential. I personally always prefer him specifically for the complicated surgical cases.”
-Hyung K.-

“Catalin is confident and capable surgeon and he is very attentive and conscious about providing postoperative care. I believe his first love is gynecology but he is also quite good in obstetrics.”
-Richard T.-

“Catalin was an outstanding medical student that has became and excellent physician. He is a take-charge kind of guy whose medical knowledge exceeds that of his peers, it is obvious that he is well read but all agree he is at his best on the operating room.”
-Josef B.-

“I have seen Catalin through the years mature into a very good clinician, surgeon and leader. He has compassion for his patients and demands that everyone does the best also. He has earned the respect of all that encounter him. He has integrity and a sense of honor very rare these days.”
-Marlene G.-

From his patients:
“Dr. Marinescu is wonderful! He is very knowledgeable, professional, and he made me feel comfortable. He called me at home several times to make sure I was fine after my procedure. He gave me excellent care. I just love Dr. Marinescu and would highly recommend him!”
-Amy E.-

"Dr. Marinescu is the best doctor I have ever had. The level of patient care I received from him was far beyond my expectations. Whenever I need his help I am able to reach him on his cellphone and this lets me know that he truly cares. I am so happy with Dr. Marinescu that I have recommended two of my family members to have procedures with him and they are still thanking me. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Marinescu. He is amazing!"
-Tambra B.-