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Ovarian Cyst


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Ovarian cysts are common during your childbearing years, and about 8% of women develop large cysts requiring treatment. If you’ve noticed pelvic pain or bloating, trust OBGYN CARE in Irvine and Newport Beach, California. The practice provides minimally invasive surgery to remove the cysts, while sparing your ovary. Call OBGYN CARE today for high-quality care for ovarian cysts or book a consultation online with Catalin Marinescu, MD, FACOG.

Ovarian Cyst Q & A

What are ovarian cysts?

Ovarian cysts are fluid-filled sacs. These cysts are common in women with regular periods, but less common after menopause. 

Often, the cysts cause no symptoms at all and you may be unaware you have an ovarian cyst unless it grows to an especially large size. Sometimes ovarian cysts are found during routine pelvic exams or seen on ultrasounds done for another reason.

How do I know whether I have an ovarian cyst?

You may not know if you have a cyst because most don't cause symptoms. However, if you have symptoms, you may feel pelvic pain or have bloating or pressure in your pelvic region.

Other less common symptoms include a dull ache in your thighs or lower back, trouble fully emptying your bladder or bowel, or pain during sex.

Should I see a doctor about ovarian cysts?

Contact OBGYN CARE if you think you have an ovarian cyst, or if you're experiencing symptoms like pelvic pressure or pain, unusual vaginal bleeding, or you need to urinate more than usual. 

These symptoms may indicate the presence of a cyst. They also may be a sign of other women's health problems.

How are ovarian cysts diagnosed?

Your doctor usually can determine whether you have ovarian cysts with a pelvic examination. They sometimes also recommend tests, such as a blood test, pregnancy test, or ultrasound to rule out other conditions. 

How are ovarian cysts treated?

Ovarian cysts don't always need treatment. Your OBGYN CARE doctor may advise monitoring you over a few months to see if the cyst changes in size or appearance. However, you may need surgery if your cyst is large, painful, or cancerous.

Your doctor may suggest a type of surgery called cystectomy to remove the cyst while preserving your ovary. This is a minimally invasive surgery that’s effective for cysts of many sizes. During a cystectomy, your doctor makes tiny incisions and uses a slim device called a laparoscope to remove your cyst or cysts.

If you’ve noticed pain, bloating, or other symptoms, rely on the board-certified doctors at OBGYN CARE for expert care for diagnosing and treating ovarian cysts. Call one of the offices today or schedule a consultation online.