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Labor and Delivery Care


Labor and delivery are the moments you’ve been expecting for past nine months. Your provider has been preparing you for this and you know what to expect, having already a plan in place. In certain instances you might already have scheduled an effective date for labor induction or cesarean section. However there are always unexpected situations and each pregnancy is different, we know that.


For your comfort and safety we only offer deliveries at Hoag Hospital located across the street from our office. Dr. Marinescu is monitoring your labor and makes detailed decisions together with you. Various ways of labor augmentation are possible, including Oxytocin administration. When not on site, he is able to remotely follow your baby heart rate evolution and be at your bedside within minutes if needed so. Eventually he will assist your delivery whether through natural route, forceps, vacuum or cesarean. He will manage and coordinate any possible incurred complications, including emergencies. In very rare circumstances as he might not be available immediately, he will still be involved in the services you receive from the on-call attending. At OBGYN Care, we take pride in offering to our patients the most complete and professional form of care. Contact us today at 949-642-3606.


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