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Postpartum Care


The postpartum period is a transitional stage when your body returns to non-pregnant state through a series of major changes, including organic and psychological. Each component has implications in the overall well-being reinstatement. For example a defective repair of a possible perineal laceration occurred during fetal expulsion may affect your sexual function even after years. On another side, the most effective form of contraception is sterilization and the lowest failure rates are attained through postpartum sterilization done at the time of cesarean or within 24 hours of normal delivery. Even an IUD can be placed 1 hour postpartum. Breastfeeding support is essential for the success and may be crucial for the later development of the offspring.

You are not alone in the post-partum period regardless if it is an uneventful recovery or a complicated process. You will benefit from full anatomical restoration whether natural or surgical before you leave the hospital. A detailed customized family planning will have been discussed with you ahead of time and effective in place if you decided so. Your baby boy may benefit from circumcision at your request. If you chose and we encourage you to breastfeed, we will provide all the instructions and teaching for you to accomplish that goal and recognize potential problems. Should complications occur either during breast-feeding or ablactation, you may address immediately to our doctor. Additionally you will receive assistance from us for any other medical issue unrelated with pregnancy in collaboration with respective specialist at your choice or following our suggestion for 6 weeks postpartum, after which we transfer your care to him. Now you have a 6 weeks old baby, see you soon!

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