Top Gynecological Conditions da Vinci Surgery Can Treat

Do you have a gynecological condition that needs surgery? That can be scary, but surgery doesn’t have to be an intense and stressful event. If you’re looking for the safest, smoothest surgery possible, surgery with less pain and the shortest recovery time, learn more about da Vinci® robot-assisted surgery

Drs. Catalin Marinescu and Kendra Baker at OBGYN Care in Newport Beach and Irvine, CA, use da Vinci® to treat a host of gynecological conditions. Read on to learn more about how this revolutionary surgery technique can help you.

What does da Vinci robotic surgery do?

When you’re planning on having surgery, you may worry how long it’ll take, how painful it’ll be, will it leave scars, and how long is the recovery. You want to work with the most skilled doctor you can find to ensure a successful surgery and the shortest and easiest recovery.

The expert doctors at OBGYN Care use the latest technology to provide patients with the best surgical experience possible. They’re trained experts in da Vinci robotic surgery techniques, minimally invasive technology that’s making a big difference in surgery for a wide variety of gynecological conditions. 

The da Vinci surgical technique uses a robotic arm equipped with a high-resolution camera that enhances a surgeon’s ability to provide a top-notch surgical experience. The robotic arm allows surgeons to make precise, difficult movements with tiny surgical instruments. The result is smaller incisions, which means less pain and quicker healing time.

Precision surgery with the da Vinci robotic system results in:

Here are the gynecological conditions da Vinci robotic surgery treats

Da Vinci robotic surgery technique can be used to perform several common gynecological operations, including hysterectomies and myomectomies. Typically, surgery is recommended only for patients who have explored more conservative approaches that have failed. 

Da Vinci robotic surgery technique can treat these conditions: 

What are the da Vinci surgery risks?

Any surgery has its risks, and so does the da Vinci technique. Some common risks include tissue and organ injury, and the possibility that your surgeon may have to switch to more traditional surgery techniques, increasing operative time. 

If you suffer from a gynecological condition that isn’t responding to other, non-surgical treatments, set up a consultation at OBGYN Care to discuss if you’re a good candidate for da Vinci robot-assisted surgery. Call 949-727-4200 in Irvine or 949-642-3606 in Newport Beach to schedule your appointment, or use our online scheduling tool. 

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