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Adenomyosis is a condition way more frequent than diagnosed due to ultrasound interpretations challenges. Remember that uterus has an inner layer that grows every month and then sheds off during your period under the hormonal influences. Should this layer be entrapped between the muscle fibers of the uterus (most of the time after cesarean), it becomes impossible to be eliminated at the time of menstruation although suffers the same hormonal influences. Consequently it causes the symmetrical globular enlargement of the uterus that behaves like a bigger organ: bleeds more, causes more pain, is heavier and so on.

Adenomyosis is not a focal but a diffuse process and can’t benefit from localized excision. Again it is a frequent condition and doesn’t always require intervention unless it creates problems. Should you need surgery, the single solution available is hysterectomy, which also is done in the vast majority of cases through a minimally invasive approach. If you are suffering from adenomyosis, contact OBGYN Care today at 949-642-3606 to learn more about the available treatment options.

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