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Ectopic pregnancy


Ectopic pregnancy is an abnormal gestation located most often in the fallopian tube, but other locations are also possible. It is always a medical emergency that requires correct diagnosis and prompt treatment. If an undiagnosed tubal pregnancy continues to develop it will eventually rupture the tube and cause a life-threatening hemorrhage. In the circumstance when the location is close to uterine cornua, the advanced pregnancy may be so difficult to remove that the surgery may require hysterectomy. In the same way a cervical pregnancy was traditionally addressed by hysterectomy but today due to advanced early diagnostic capabilities, it may benefit from conservatory approach.

You should know that in general most of the ectopic pregnancies may have a medical resolution without surgical intervention in selected early stages but require a thorough understanding and compliant follow up with strict rules.

We offer you the widest balance of risks/benefits management plans in addressing an ectopic gestation. Once your pregnancy test becomes positive, please feel free to visit our office for a complete assessment and adequate care, whichever your further medical needs might be. Once intrauterine pregnancy is confirmed you may continue your care with us should you chose so. In the rare eventuality an extrauterine pregnancy is suspected you can benefit from medical or minimally invasive surgical treatment with highest fertility preservation techniques.

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