Ectopic pregnancy removal


Ectopic pregnancy removal is the medical or surgical approach to eliminate an abnormal implanted gestation. In selected early circumstances the patient may benefit from Methotrexate administration without the need for intervention. Should the optimal moment or the inclusion criteria be lost, the salpingostomy (incision of fallopian tube with mass evacuation) or salpingectomy (tubal removal) can be performed laparoscopic as outpatient with same day discharge from the facility. In rare cases of cornual, ovarian or cervical ectopic pregnancy selected approaches are also available.

We offer in office ultrasound and testing for normal pregnancy confirmation. Should the result be equivocal, we offer appropriate follow up until definitive confirmation is reached. In the unfortunate event an extrauterine pregnancy is diagnosed, we can provide you with instant care to maximize the chances of success and fertility preservation.

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