Endometrial ablation for heavy periods


Endometrial ablation is thermal destruction of inner uterine lining whether through heating or freezing the tissue. It should be understood that prior to its execution, any organic pathology including malignant transformation should be excluded. Another important detail to remember is that future pregnancy should not be seen as possible or desired (even if the pregnancy is successful, the implantation in an area of the uterus without proper blood supply may cause later problems). Finally it should be accepted that the rate of effectiveness is variable immediately and on long term. An easier formula to remember is “the rule of third”: about 1 third of patients don’t have menstruation at all after 1 year, 1 third have a reduced flow and 1 third have about the same amount of flow. There are few approaches for the ablation procedure depending on the principle of the used instrument to generate heat.

We offer endometrial crioablation with or without concomitant or sequential sterilization, under sonographic guidance. Our decision is based on minimizing the procedure discomfort in office and maximizing the safety margins and the success rates through an ultramodern technique with rapid popularity gain. As part of the educative program in place for our patients we help you chose the best long-term management plan related with your personal conditions.

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