Full or partial pelvic reconstruction (laparoscopic, transvaginal or combined)


The pelvic reconstruction includes a group of surgical procedures addressing the whole pelvic anatomy after a thorough assessment and understanding of the nature of defect. Most likely the fibrous supportive tissue of the pelvic organs has been extensively compromised and there is severe prolapse affecting more than one structure. Envisioning the removal of the uterus as part of a wider indication (simple hysterectomy itself is not curative in this instance), the relative positioning of the pelvic organs after the surgery is anticipated to change even more. Therefore the concept of pelvic reconstruction emerged to include all the interventions necessary to correct current problems and to prevent further development of others.


Reconstructive surgery is in general more subjective and technically difficult than resective surgery. The patient must be educated through the surgeon’s eyes to be able to combine different multiple procedures in the most efficient manner for the best self-suited outcome. We specialized in offering various alternatives of partial or total, laparoscopic, transvaginal or combined pelvic reconstructions depending on your needs.

Dr. Marinescu is widely regarded for his use of minimally invasive treatment techniques and laparoscopic surgeries. In addition to performing pelvic reconstruction, he is an experienced tubal ligation, hysteroscopy and hysterectomy surgeon. To learn more, or to schedule a consultation, contact the practice today at 949-642-3606.

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