LEEP cone and cold knife conizations of the cervix


LEEP cone and cold knife conization of the cervix are minor interventions required one or another in a certain sequence of cervical cancer diagnostic and management. The progression from normal to malignant takes years and goes through different stages of dysplasia (condition between normal and abnormal): CIN 1, CIN 2, CIN 3. There is a very detailed protocol of intervention depending on the age, PAP results, HPV presence and persistence (the strain of virus is important too because some strains only cause warts, while others have a very high cancerous potential), colposcopy and biopsy results. Eventually if LEEP or cold knife cone are required they may be regarded as curative or just another step in diagnosis depending again on a series of factors: age, specimen margins, microscopic diagnostic and so on.

Our physician follows the latest scientific guidelines to approach cervical dysplasia and appropriate management. For a fully detailed explanation and projective evolution based on statistics and objective findings pertinent to your personal case, we invite you to schedule an appointment at our clinic where you can take advantage of in-office LEEP or cold knife cone with the most performant equipment available today.

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