Ovarian resection or ovarian tumors removal


Ovarian resection or ovarian tumors or cysts removal represents a group of procedures indicated in various circumstances depending on the pathologic condition. Multiple other considerations are to be made before pursuing any of these approaches: age, familial history, size of tumor or cyst, sonographic appearance, blood tests including tumor markers and many others.

Based on the working diagnosis the correct indication and the most effective route can be established from the beginning. Most of the masses are required to be removed intact in order to prevent the spreading of a possible cancer or infection. Therefore although the laparoscopic approach is not the most technically difficult, an abdominal incision may be required to extract the mass from the abdomen.

Whether you are 20 or 70 years old, the risk of having an ovarian mass exists, although of different type and with different consequences. Whether is a simple cyst, a dermoid or a borderline tumor, whether 1 or 10 inches diameter, we provide specialized counseling and care. Call OBGYN Care in Newport Beach today at 949-642-3606 to schedule an appointment.

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