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Pelvic masses and cysts (uterine, ovarian, paratubal)


Pelvic masses and cysts include a group of tumor formations derived from the uro-genital tract, either solid or cystic. The main purpose of exploration is to define which are benign and which are cancerous. The therapeutic approach in each circumstance is significantly different and life changing, therefore a correct preoperative diagnosis is a must. There are multiple considerations when trying to define the nature of a tumor, including age, risk factors, associated conditions, ultrasound and PET (positron emission tomography) aspect, blood components (including hormones and tumor markers) and many more. Your provider must integrate all the references we made above, keeping in view the most likely mass type in the given scenario, but also possessing the knowledge to define more unusual or rare types. Eventually from the multitude of tumor types, with educated awareness of each characteristic, the diagnosis can be narrowed to one or two. You should know that multiple studies have been done in order to optimize the results depending on the nature of the tumor and professional guidelines are in place for most cases. However there are times when the investigations are inconclusive and the answer expresses itself in dynamic (sequential tests done 1 month apart for example).

We offer individualized care based on your personal history and usage of appropriate diagnostic tools to acquire all the information we need. At the conclusion moment you are given the most accepted solution and we make available for you studies to support our statements and lessen your decision. Furthermore you are encouraged to pursue surgical treatment (if indicated) with our provider. There is indeed a standard of care for most instances, but the way the standard of care is applied in practice and the technical skills make all the difference. We also work in collaboration with oncologists should one need additional treatment.

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