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Polycystic ovarian syndrome


Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a clinical entity characterized by the development of multiple functional cysts in both ovaries. The cysts are rather a consequence than the root of the problem. Often associated with obesity and various degrees of functional diabetes, there is an incomplete maturation of each follicle during one 28 days menstrual cycle. The eggs are not released and another group of follicles starts developing ending like cysts and closing a vicious circle.

Due to the abnormal hormone production, the uterine lining doesn’t go through physiological cyclical changes and the menses appear irregulate. In reality the vaginal bleeding is not even an expression of normal menstruation, but rather caused by an unstable endometrium prone to bleeding due to excessive growth. Obviously infertility is a logical consequence, but keep in mind that each cyst contains an egg. Therefore under adequate medical intervention pregnancy could be easily achieved and actually the rate of twin gestations is higher than average.

Part of the same hormonal imbalance the levels of masculine hormones raises and signs of androgenizations may appear: excessive facial hair, temporal balding and others. The diabetes we mentioned above is part of the same overall imbalance although it is hard to determine whether the diabetes or the excessive male hormones came first.

You should know this condition often improves spontaneously with weight loss. On the other hand left untreated for long time, it may never allow one to become pregnant. In addition the high estrogen environment raises significantly the chances of uterine cancer. Not lastly the functional diabetes may become overt diabetes.


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