Presacral neurectomy or uterosacral nerve ablation for pelvic pain


Presacral neurectomy and uterosacral nerve ablation are laparoscopic procedures that address the conduction of pelvic pain to the brain in circumstances when all other pathologic causes have been excluded (see chapter chronic pelvic pain). You should understand these procedures address the symptom of pain not an organic dysfunction and are effective mostly on the midline location of the pain. The surgical technique can be challenging and influences radically the effectiveness. Due to these considerations, they are not widely used today and few practitioners recommend them.

As part of the ongoing education we provide to our patients, we offer you all the possibilities for cure available today. After you understand the nature and the course of your sufferance and after you assess all the alternatives suitable for your condition, should you decide upon your benefit through one or another option, our physician can perform whichever you feel more comfortable with.

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