Tubal sterilization (Essure)


Tubal sterilization is a procedure of tubal occlusion through hysteroscopic approach. Under local anesthesia a camera is introduced in the uterus and tubal openings are visualized. Through a special device a titanium coil is advanced in each tube and left in place. During the next 3 months the fallopian tubes become obstructed through scarring. In this interval an alternative contraceptive measure should be used. A confirmatory hysterosaplingogram (radiologic exploration of uterus filled with contrast) is required after 3 months. Should the procedure have been ineffective it can be repeated or another procedure used. Of note, laparoscopic sterilization using energy devices after Essure is not indicated if tubal sterilization fails and a salpingectomy may be required.

Real time hysteroscopy and Essure sterilization are parts of our in-office procedures. A complete explanation of risks and benefits advantages and disadvantages and step-by-step technique guiding is available for you at our office.

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