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Urinary incontinence


Urinary incontinence is defined by the involuntary loss of urine and can range from mild intermittent to severe, continuous. Leaving aside other interfering factors, you should know that it basically gets worse with age. It is the most common complaint for uro-gynecologic care (11% of the whole women population) and still underreported. Many women chose to deal with this condition individually without seeking medical attention, which is otherwise available and in most cases very effective.

There are two major types of incontinence: stress incontinence (with coughing, laughing, sneezing, heavy lifting, pretty much every gesture that increases intra-abdominal pressure) and urge incontinence (larger amounts of urine loss before one can reach the bathroom). In a simplistic way you can imagine stress incontinence as an anatomical change and urge incontinence as a functional change. Unfortunately the most cases have a mixed combination and more explorations are necessary to determine which procedure is most suitable as addressing one component may worsen the other. Furthermore the surgical treatment is more effective with the stress component since we defined it anteriorly as an anatomical problem than with urge that is a functional problem.

Concluding the short introduction above, we invite you to write us for more information. Should you need professional customized care, please schedule an appointment and our provider will address all your questions and concerns giving you all the statistical and educative references you need to take control of this unpleasant condition. We offer in office fully integrated urodynamic studies upon necessity and the whole pallet of medical and surgical treatment available today.

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