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Uterine or vaginal prolapse


Uterine or vaginal prolapse are situations in which the pelvic organs support system is compromised at various levels in various degrees. The anatomical attachments of the uterus to the pelvic bones may suffer stretching or rupture during pregnancy and delivery. Even if the condition doesn’t appear obvious immediately due to other supportive tissues compensation, in time the uterus may fall into the vagina.

Consequently the vagina becomes apparently shorter and the cervix exposed to trauma during the intercourse, the patient describing most commonly a painful sexual activity. Left unaddressed, in extreme circumstances the vagina can totally everted inside out and the uterus protrude between the legs (grade IV prolapse or procidentia). Similarly the vagina itself post-hysterectomy may “fall down” and create a similar picture.

Usually the pelvic organ support defects are not affecting one single organ, in this instance the uterus or the vagina, but also the bladder, and the rectum. The entire picture must be assessed as a unit and the decision must include all necessary corrections at once through the best-indicated all-inclusive procedure for the respective patient.

There is no universal rule and your provider’s judgment together with your understanding can offer you a life-long cure or just a temporary relief. Is important you know that with repetitive interventions a natural restoration of your pelvic anatomy becomes more and more approximative and the result is modest. In the same time a procedure not performed correctly initially may impede the outcome of the reoperation or may exclude the utilization of the same technique.

We offer you the benefit of a comprehensive assessment of all your symptoms with our expert trained in gynecologic and colo-rectal surgery as well. Before you make any decision, you must fully understand the nature and the extent of your condition. You may not address the symptom, but the cause of it for best and long-lasting outcome. After the options have been presented to you in a manner you can make an educated decision, Dr. Marinescu, specializes in reconstructive procedures ranging anywhere from minor correction to full pelvic restoration, will be able to meet your satisfaction through the proper surgical treatment. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, contact us today at 949-642-3606.

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