Vaginal reconstruction and vaginal rejuvenation


Vaginal reconstruction refers to a procedure or a complex of procedures developed to address a defect whether anterior (cystocele) or posterior (rectocele). Vaginal rejuvenation describes a cosmetic narrowing of the vagina without a preexisting support defect, pretty much consequence of tissue laxity acquired with age. In addition the vaginal rejuvenation may be associated with other facultative procedures (G-spot enhancement, labiaplasty).

In general vaginal reconstruction is not performed isolated as the preexisting defect most likely affects a number of structures, so we recommend a full assessment before making any decision. Obviously it makes little sense to undergo vaginal reconstruction or rejuvenation and be faced within next years with the necessity of hysterectomy, eliminating the option of transvaginal approach at that point. Please refer to us for any clarifications you request. If you need a full assessment or a second opinion you may schedule an encounter and our surgeon will explain the most effective procedural complex suitable to you.

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