Diagnostic laparoscopy with chromopertubation


Diagnostic laparoscopy is done in conjuncture with hysteroscopy, replacing through a single intervention a number of other sequential explorations. The uterus is initially visualized hysteroscopically, then a small catheter is left inside uterine cavity and a laparoscope camera is placed in the abdomen through the umbilicus. Methylene blue is injected through the uterine catheter and the intraabdominal spillage should be obvious. In the same time the outside shape of the uterus and the ovaries are visualized in real time.

We recommend this invasive procedure when additional factors indicate that some sort of action may need to be taken regarding a highly suspected diagnosis (e.g. tubal obstruction due to abdominal adhesions that can be corrected during the procedure). Please feel free to address to us any questions so we can provide you with the answers and the care you need.

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