Ultrasound for ovarian reserve and sonohysterogram


Ultrasound for ovarian reserve is a non-invasive procedure that can help determine the ovarian function to produce eggs. Again it is very important to be performed at a certain moment of the menstrual cycle otherwise the results can be irrelevant. Technically it requires a proper approach and interpretation in conjuncture with hormonal tests.

Sonohysterogram is a procedure that requires uterine filling with fluid media and concomitant ultrasound. The benefit is in differentiating intracavitary masses (e.g. polyps) from thickening of endometrial lining (hyperplasia), guiding appropriately the management.

We perform follicular count and provide printed images that can help you understand the nature of the dysfunction, should one exist at this level. We integrate the tests available at any point to determine which is the most appropriate next step in management. In real time you have the opportunity to discuss with our provider the findings and to acquire answers to all your questions.

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