Antepartum testing


Antepartum testing:

  • NST (Non-stress test)
  • BPP (Biophysical profile) and AFI (Amniotic fluid index)
  • Fetal umbilical artery Doppler velocimetry

Antepartum testing represents a package of procedures with certain indications to assess fetal well-being. One component is the non-stress test that monitors the variations in fetal heart rate. The pattern is interpreted subjectively by specialist following general guidelines but can guide the care in major ways.

The biophysical profile is an ultrasound exploration that can determine the fetal heart rate, breathing, muscular tone and movement. Additionally it may integrate the amniotic fluid index that has a different meaning depending on the gestational age and is reported separately. The resulted score is computed against the anticipated due date and may request intervention.

In high risk situations regardless of the choice of delivering the baby prematurely or not, the fetal umbilical artery Doppler may add information. By measuring the amount of blood the fetus is receiving from the placenta, it can be determined how much oxygen he gets from the mother. Below a certain value asphyxia becomes a real threat and delivery needs to be done immediately regardless of the age of immaturity.

We offer in office antepartum testing with integrated information available for you at the same visit. By reviewing immediately the results we can either eliminate unnecessary testing or expand the testing, as more information is needed. In this manner a further decision can be made without requiring another appointment and implicit delays in the appropriate care.

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