Blood testing for regulate OB panel and additional testing required in special circumstances


Antiphospholipid syndrome is an unusual life-long illness that may express itself first time in life when the patient becomes pregnant. The problem lies in the blood tendency to form clots faster than normal. If you had previous miscarriages, you need to be tested. The whole diagnosis protocol takes 12 weeks. However the medical intervention is invaluable to save your baby and shouldn’t be delayed waiting for the results. There are also other conditions with blood increased clotting tendency in which the intervention has a questionable benefit, although the right diagnosis is very important for the later patient life.

A customized approach is again necessary depending on risk factors’ stratification and on previous experience in such patients’ evolution. Repeated pregnancy loss can be very traumatic and life changing especially when there is no apparent explanation. Not only we may be able to give you the answer, but we also can increase substantially your chances to succeed this time.

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