Cervical cerclage


The cervical cerclage is an intervention meant to prevent pregnancy loss in the early trimester. Although it has been in place for long time, there was a period of controversy but nowadays it’s regaining popularity. However not all the miscarriages are due to a defective cervix and even if they are, there is not one single intervention to prevent it, so you may need an integrated, more complex plan.

The cerclage is essentially a suture around the cervix to maintain the gestational sac within the uterus. If you visualize the process, it doesn’t look like a great of a deal but remember, the cerclage is not placed on a normal thick cervix, but on an incompetent cervix which is in the process of dilation and effacement (it opens and it thins out). Although is not a technically difficult procedure, sometimes there is more thinking into the timing than in doing the procedure itself. But how can one determine when the patient can really benefit (excepting the late situations when it becomes a heroic last chance)?

The major lesson in preterm birth to learn is that is unpredictable. You must understand all options at once and change the approach as it goes. A skillful provider can do that for you without a doubt but if the things don’t go as desired, are you at peace you have done the best possible unless you understand why? What would you do different next time? Will it be a next time?

We believe that the choices you are given have more than an informative role, but also carry psychological consequences. Therefore not only that we make available for you a skillful provider to adjust the measures to your evolution and maximize your chances of success, but also an empathic physician who understand your need for reasons to carry on otherwise.

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