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Cesarean sections including repeated intervention after numerous prior surgeries


Cesarean section is a routine part of an obstetrician’s practice and represents the surgical delivery of the fetus through an abdominal incision. Most of the times is not a very difficult procedure but the recovery and the long term consequences depend substantially on the surgeon’s technique. Furthermore it is the assessment of indication and the timing of procedure that really challenge the obstetrician’s competence.
There are some situations in which the cesarean may require a very skilled expert intervention, most often after multiple cesareans have been performed before on the same patient. Excessive intraabdominal and uterine scarring creates different anatomical conditions and the life saving intervention can require as much as a full cesarean hysterectomy during the procedure. Sometimes only the surgeon’s preparedness and awareness may make the difference although other times such high-risk situations may be anticipated preoperatively.

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