Family planning customization including postpartum sterilization


The family planning is a very important component of postpartum care. Whether the details have been established antepartum or they are in process, as a new mother you need to asses your possibilities and options for proper childcare and further family expansion plans. Even with breastfeeding, the natural anovulation is not 100% secure as contraceptive measure. Without breastfeeding the ovulation can return as early as 3 weeks postpartum and unprotected intercourse may lead to another pregnancy. Should you choose an IUD or Implanon, it can be placed right away. Should you chose sterilization, in case it wasn’t done immediately postpartum, it can be performed as early as 6 weeks after. Should you choose pills, you have to keep in mind the hormonal influences over breastfeeding so the type of pills need to be elected in conjuncture with this decision.

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