High–risk pregnancy care


High–risk pregnancy care complicated by any pre-existing or incurred medical conditions of the mother or the baby

High–risk pregnancy may be complicated by a multitude of problems the mother had before or developed after fertilization or another group of issues related with the baby. Just to give some examples of preexisting conditions that could seriously affect the offspring, sometimes through out the entire life, keep in mind: diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, heart conditions, lung disease including asthma, kidney problems, seizures, thyroid dysfunction and many others. Other situations are strictly related with the pregnancy itself but equally dangerous, like preeclampsia for example. Regarding the offspring, the possibilities are even broader: genetic alterations, structural anomalies, inherited conditions, and so on.

Just trying to look deeper into any of these situations and provide a reasonable universal solution for all, seems unrealistic. Our physician has dedicated years of training for you and today he has the knowledge and resources to assist you in any of the above situations for the best possible outcome. There are no half measures, approximations or interpretations with high-risk pregnancies and every standard of care needs to be applied and tailored to you. The information that you get, or don’t get from a provider may comfort you, but you need to know exactly what is going on with your body and what you can expect further. We are here to help you understand!

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