Twin and triplet gestations


Twin and triplet pregnancy are always high risk. However some are more exposed than others. When the twins are formed from two different fertilized eggs, they develop individually and the chances of compromise are lower, even though they may still impede each other’s development. Remember uterus in humans is designed by nature to host only one.

When the twins form from the division of a single egg, the timing of division after fertilization makes all the difference. In the first few days the twins develop in separate sacs, with separate placentas. For a later division, they develop in separate sacs but with a single placenta. At even later timing, the twins may have a single sac or even be incompletely separated (conjoined twins). Essentially, the later the division occurs, higher are the chances of compromise. To have an idea about the increase of vital risk, you should know that twins growing in the same sac (monochorionic, monoamniotic) have a survival rate of only 50%!

There is a significant difference in the management of the entire pregnancy and delivery depending on factors that change continuously. One might say a top qualified provider offers naturally the best advantage. We agree with this and we assure you we are fully prepared, but we even go one step further. Even if your doctor knows inside out the evolution and the associated risks, you are the one pregnant. Taking advantage of the information he can provide in a manner that you could use and stay safe is imperious necessary and we know that!

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