Ultrasound guided amniocentesis


Ultrasound guided amniocentesis is a procedure through which some of the fluid around the baby is collected for different analyses. The indications are various and selective. Important is that the miscarriage risk is low, 1/500 and the procedure is invaluable in many circumstances. For example the major risk in delivering a preterm fetus is lung immaturity and the baby can’t breathe. Let’s say the mother’s condition is deteriorating every day with continuation of the pregnancy and it is safer to deliver preterm. But how can we know when the risk for mother to stay pregnant longer exceeds the risk for the preterm baby outside uterus. Doing an amniocentesis can give the answer.

Our physician can walk you through the whole process, perform the test and give you the result, without referring you to a different specialist. Together you can make decisions every day being informed and prepared for each alternative.

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