Uncomplicated pregnancy care


The normal pregnancy is defined by a singleton gestation without maternal or fetal risk factors. The normal length of gestation is 40 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual period. After your pregnancy test becomes positive the follow up with an experimented provider is indicated to ensure you have a normal intrauterine pregnancy (which develops inside your uterus) and to establish the viability of the gestation.

Later on there are some milestones of pregnancy with very clearly delineated interventions for safety monitoring. Make sure you don’t miss those appointments that can identify potential problems for you or your baby. As the pregnancy advances, your office visits will become more and more frequent and eventually you will get into labor phase and then delivery.

Uncomplicated deliveries are not necessarily a logical consequence of uncomplicated pregnancy with an unremarkable prenatal care. This is actually the time of highest stress for your baby. Either some conditions related with the baby’s failure to thrive that haven’t been diagnosed before because poor prenatal care, or conditions related with the process of birth itself can severely affect or even endanger your baby’s life. Therefore the quality of professional care is very important during the pregnancy and delivery as well.

Our mission is to ensure you and your baby the highest quality of care, making the pregnancy an easy stage of your life and the birth a memorable happy event. The continuity of care is utmost important and we strive to be next to you from the beginning until the delivery and after. You don’t need to read books and try to understand the changes of your body. Our expert has done that for you already. All his knowledge is available for you at each visit and you will be guided step-by-step, learning every time what you may expect next. There are no time limitations for your visit and you can ask as many questions as you need. Your success is our success!

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