BRCA gene mutations testing for inherited cancer predisposition


BRCA gene mutations tests are done to exclude or confirm inherited cancer predisposition. If you had a number of close relatives with breast or ovarian tumors, especially at early ages, a genetic modification may also put you at risk for the same outcome.

It is very important you understand that every cancer is staged, meaning that based on size, spread and other characteristics, an approximation can be made to determine further evolution. The purpose of staging is to optimize the treatment, knowing that best outcomes are attained through early care of initial stages. Assuming 1 cm breast cancer defines stage 1, you should know that it took about 8 years to the initial malignant cell to divide and multiply until reaching that mass size. Imagine what difference would have done to know 8 years ago this would happen. Nevertheless nobody can make that prediction for sporadic cancers. Instead for familial malignancies guidelines for testing and prophylactic interventions are available.

We will make a full assessment of your genealogic risk factors, indicate and perform the necessary testing, after which we are able to make the appropriate recommendations and complete the prophylactic surgery if part of the protocol. Besides BRCA gene mutations identifications, we also make evaluations regarding other inherited cancers of the breast, uterus, ovaries or colon predisposition.

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