Urodynamic studies including cystometry and uroflowmetry


Urodynamic studies include a number of investigations to support and clearly determine the cause of urinary incontinence. Multiple measurements of volume, pressure, and flow are recorded during a 15 minutes exploration and the results integrated to offer the most comprehensive solution. The benefit is obvious especially when multiple causes coexist and in complicated refractory cases to previous medical and surgical management. However every patient may have some advantage in understanding the nature of her own condition in mathematical way.

Our provider will perform in office UDS explaining to you in real time the evolution and significance of the findings. Eventually you’ll be informed about your correct diagnosis and the options for care consistent with that diagnosis. After you and the physician reach a conclusion and a further plan is deemed in your best interest, the chosen method of urinary incontinence correction is available for you through outpatient same-day minimally invasive surgery.

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